With Hello, World! out of the way, let's sink our teeth into something a little more interesting. The project manager at your work has approached you about building a to-do list application. To get started they have given you this spec to work from.


Main goal

Build a todo list application

The project manager has requested a todo list application, it should be as simple as possible.


One route that will be made available with both a GET and and POST action.
  • GET: todos
    • gets all todo items
  • POST: todos
    • Modify a single todo item


The primary model we are going to be using will be a ToDo, it should look like the following.
    "id": 0,
    "complete": false,
    "action": "text here!"

A ToDo has 3 properties

  • id: The numeric id, -1 for new items
  • complete: A boolean describing the completeness of the todo
  • action: A string describing the activity that needs to be performed


Design spec image

The UX designer has provided you with the above wireframe to build the UI against